Staging a home is a key element to getting the home ready to be sold.  It is proven that a home that is stage not only sells faster but for more money.  Staging can be expensive and can typically range between $2000 – $6000 depending on the size of the home.  You may think this is alot but it will give you on averge an ROI of 5% to 15% on your investment.  You can save some by doing virtual staging which will cost you on average between $40 -$250 a picture, but you do lose on having people visit the home and imagine themselves in it. This is a key element to getting the home sold.  We at Del Val Investment Group typically average between $2500 – $5000 to stage a home depending on the needs you have.  Below you can see our work with one of the properties we staged. This home was on the market 1 month with no staging as soon as we staged it the property sold within 1 week.  

We provide free staging estimates for your home and we can also list your home with our realtor.  Give us a call to find out more…

Pembroke Pines Bed Room

Key Statistics for Home Staging

  1. 86% of buyers can better visualize their future home when the house is staged.
  2. Nearly all real estate agents affirm that staging the home has a positive impact on the buyer’s view of the house.
  3. Staged homes sell for on average 25% more than homes without any staging.
  4. Homeowners usually see a 5% to 15% return on investment whenever they stage their homes before putting the house on the market.
  5. Staging your home can make you sell your home between 6% and 10% faster.
  6. Living Room is the most important room to stage, followed by the Master Bed Room, and the Kitchen.