Manny and Lina

Hello Everyone:

 Thank you for visiting our site.  My name is Manny Del Val and along with my beautiful wife Lina we form Del Val Investment Group.  We are a husband-and-wife team based out of Central Florida. We are hyper focus on commercial multifamily, so much so that we are selling all our single-family assets and residential multifamily to commit 100% to the commercial multifamily space.  

A little about us

We started our business in 2019 when we did our first flip in Hollywood, Fl.  We then evolved and started to venture into short term vacation rental market and learned a lot on what to do, what not to do, how to manage our property, what to look for, and where to buy.  We then did another flip that moved us from South Florida to Central Florida.  Late in 2022 we purchased a small Duplex that got us into the multifamily game, but we quickly realize the headaches that come with having to do everything yourself. This is why we are moving to the commercial space where we have a team available to help us.  We invested in our first commercial investment in March of 2024 with a 30-unit luxury town home complex in Tennesse and we are currently investing in a 216 unit brand new class A complex in Kentucky.  

Manny obtained his real estate sales license from the state of Florida and enjoys negotiations, deal analysis, and underwriting deals. 

Our Why


We are doing this to provide financial freedom and generational wealth for our family, but we also want to help other people understand the value that commercial real estate has to offer.  We want to be able to educate others on the advantages of commercial real estate how it can protect your capital, provide amazing returns, and minimize or even eliminate the tax burden. We are also passionate about letting people know that you don’t have to be a millionaire to get started.  We started our first venture with $25K and was able to invest in a $6.2 million dollar asset. 

Our ultimate why is to teach high school students that there are alternative to college that doesn’t involve trade schools, the military, or construction.  That you can have a successful career and learn how to invest work with investor, provide value to them and you too can have your own successful real estate business. When I was in high school, I did not know real estate investing could be a career.  I want to help change that and provide financial literacy to high school kids, so they understand what an asset is what a liability is and why the guy who has the fancy rims and amazing car is really, really, really dumb.  

Our Mission Statement

” At Del Val Investment Group, we are committed to fostering a culture of honesty and transparency in every transaction. Our mission is to safeguard our investors’ capital with the utmost diligence, while striving to maximize returns through intelligent and ethical investment strategies.  We believe in treating our investors, partners, and team as part of our extended family, honoring their trust with an amazing work ethic, unwavering integrity and fiduciary responsibility. Our Goal is not only to achieve financial success, but to build lasting relationships bases on mutual respect, trust, and shared prosperity. “

Our Vision Statement

“To be the leading provider of innovative commercial real estate solutions, that empowers investors to achieve their investment goals through data-driven decisions, exceptional in-house property management, transparent communication, and exceptional service”

Our Core Values

  1. Honesty: Upholding truthfulness and transparency in all dealings, ensuring that all actions and communications are straightforward and clear.

  2.  Transparency: Operating with openness, making all processes and decisions visible to clients and stakeholders, fostering trust and accountability.

  3. Protection of Investor Capital: Prioritizing the safeguarding of investor funds, treating them with the utmost care and responsibility.

  4. Maximizing Investor Returns: Striving to provide the highest possible financial returns to investors, through meticulous market analysis and strategic investment choices.

  5. Family: Valuing the importance of family, both within the organization and in the lives of clients, promoting a supportive and inclusive environment.

  6. Amazing Work Ethic: Demonstrating a strong commitment to hard work, diligence, and excellence in every aspect of the business.

  7. Integrity: Maintaining moral and ethical standards in all actions, ensuring that every decision is made with fairness and honor.

How we can help you

  1. If you are looking to learn more about commercial multifamily real estate, please join our free show with our mentor Carlos Salguero from CS3 Investments.  This show is every Wed. at 8:00 PM EST.  You can join the show by click on the link Infinite Cash Flow Show

  2. If you are interested in investing in a commercial property and are looking for someone to help you with underwriting or analyzing the deal this is something, we can help with. 

  3. If you like to invest in one of our deals feel free to reach out to us by texting or calling us

  4. If you are looking for partners in your deals, we would love to have a conversation and see if our ethics and goals are a good match. 

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