We are actively looking for partners to work with on Multifamily properties. 

Buying Criteria

  1. Florida Markets Primarily 
  2. Will Entertain other markets if the numbers make sense
  3. 2 – 20 Units
  4. Purchase Price $300K to $1.5M
  5. 1965 or Newer
  6. B Class Area
  7. B/C Class Building
  8. $800 Minimum rents for 1/1
  9. $2500minimum annual cash flow per unit for buildings of 10 Units or more
  10. $6000 minimum annual cash flow per unit for buildings below 10 units
  11. 10% Cash on Cash Return

If you meet our criteria and are looking to partner with someone on a multifamily project, please fill out the form below, 

We would love to talk to you. 

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