We are actively looking for Multifamily properties for ourselves or to partner with others.

Please see our buying criteria below.

Buying Criteria

  1. Florida Markets Primarily 
  2. Will Entertain other markets if the numbers make sense
  3. 2 – 20 Units
  4. Purchase Price $300K to $1.5M
  5. 1965 or Newer
  6. B Class Area
  7. B/C Class Building
  8. $800 Minimum rents for 1/1
  9. $2500minimum annual cash flow per unit for buildings of 10 Units or more
  10. $6000 minimum annual cash flow per unit for buildings below 10 units
  11. 10% Cash on Cash Return

If you have a property your are looking to sell or you are looking for a partner on a multifamily property, please fill out the form below.

We would love to talk to you. 

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