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Renovate Your Home


Home remodel/rennovations have become popular trend specially with the increase popularity of HGTV and DYI Groups. We at Del Val Investment Group are all for DYI. If you think you can do it go for it, but there are some jobs that require a professional. We have a team of professionals we work with to help our clients complete their rennovation projects.  There are certain projects that require permits and license contractors to do the work. 

How We Work

Every Project we do has a dedicated project manager whose role is to handle permitting if needed, ensure your project gets done on time and within budget, and your happy with your success. Our project managers our not license contractors, but work hand in hanf with the contractors.  Our project managers ensure that the work is being done and if there is an issue with the any of the contractors or subcontractors they are the go to person for the job. The project manager typically visits the site at least 2 times a week to ensure things are on scheudle and talks to the contractors on a daily basiss.  When you work with us you will get a project schedule, an estimated timeline, a cost estimate, and a weekly status meeting.  We believe in communication and exceeding expectations. 

Take a look at the pictures below so you can see the before and after on one of our projects.  




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